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Cyber Security

Cyber security is fast becoming a critical concern for all businesses and potentially security of the digital and web based technologies. Most business rely on their information and communications technology systems for networking, applications, mobility and cloud computing to deliver services which have become part of the daily routine.
While the benefit of digital systems is enormous, there is also a risk to the environment from external threats (bad actors). The growing array of state and non-state actors who are compromising, stealing, changing or destroying information, potentially causing critical disruptions to business systems, the distinction between traditional threat actors—hackers, terrorists, organised criminal networks, industrial spies and foreign intelligence services—is increasingly blurred.
Lake Corporation, a leading solution provider incorporated in 1992, has been providing leading business solutions to many customers in the Asia Pacific region.
As part of the expanding portfolio of solutions Lake provides, Cyber Security solution has become an integral part of the Lake portfolio. Lake’s expertise includes consulting on Cyber Security matters, firewall solutions and next-generation of maintaining trust in the digital age, digital forensics and preventing cyber breaches.
Lake is committed to enabling innovation, growth and prosperity for all customers through strong cyber security platforms.

Our cyber security platform allows for the consistent enforcement of security policy, including threat detection and advanced intelligence analytics, in both physical and virtual environments by classifying all traffic by application, user and content, regardless of where it lives. With these measures in place, the platform enables the secure adoption of new productivity-enhancing technologies, such as public and private cloud and SaaS applications.

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