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XCalibur® Voice Biometrics

Deploying Lake’s XCalibur® Voice Biometrics solution adds an extremely high level of user authentication security to contact centre operations. Having previously deposited a speech sample with the Contact Centre, customers need only repeat that sample when calling or being called in order to be immediately and positively identified. The system will recognise as an imposter anyone else repeating the stored speech sample.

Whether calling or being called, customers avoid the tedium of either live or recorded question and answer routines, and forgotten user names and passwords. Contact centre agents avoid the time wasted on manual routines and are relieved of the responsibility of confirming a caller’s authenticity.
Lake’s XCalibur® Voice Biometrics guards against attempted fraud, improves contact centre productivity, provides interaction peace-of-mind, and enhances the customer experience.

Application Enablement: Once your customer has positively authenticated themselves, you can then confidently provide additional self service applications; change of customer personal details, pin & password reset, that would otherwise consume valuable contact centre agent time.
Whilst implementing the technology for your customers, you will also be able to leverage the technology for Internal Applications, added security to remote access, mobile workforces or home based employees.

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