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The ‘Complete’ Contact Centre

Lake Corporation addresses the Contact Centre in its entirety. Our solutions are tailored to clients’ precise needs, and with inbuilt scalability and flexibility to cater for evolving circumstances. Importantly, by offering everything needed on a single platform, our approach avoids the inherent problems of effectively integrating point solutions.

Whether supporting small organisations with just a handful of agents or very large enterprises, we have the full range of technologies, services and skills to design, implement and support the optimum solution.

Lake’s portfolio includes the complete range of Inbound and Outbound Voice and Multimedia functionality to – maximise contact centre effectiveness, contain operating costs, optimise interaction quality, ensure job satisfaction for agents, provide an excellent customer experience, and improve business outcomes. The portfolio includes:

  • PABX

  • ACD - Automatic Call Distribution

  • Predictive, Preview and Automated Dialling

  • Call Blending and Multi-Channel Blending

  • SMS, Chat, Email Routing

  • Call Recording – on demand and automatic

  • Call Reporting

  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response - Customer Self-Service including via Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, keypad

  • Agent Screen Pops, Scripting and Desktop Integration

  • ISDN, SIP, WebRTC and VoIP

  • Business Process Automation

  • Multimedia – Voice, Email, Web Chat, Fax, SMS, Social Media, Video

  • Unified Communications

  • Voice Analytics and Voice Biometrics


Lake’s expertise goes well beyond designing and implementing the optimum Contact Centre solution. For more than 25 years we have helped clients lift contact centre productivity with tools and processes for:


  • Agent Monitoring, Scoring, Training and Development

  • Enforcing Business Rules

  • Call Scripting

  • RPA

  • AI

  • Managing Compliance

  • PCI

  • Management

  • Technical Support

  • Workforce Management and Optimisation

  • Back Office and Legacy Systems integration with Contact Centre systems

Optimum Contact Centre productivity calls for agents completing calls without delay. So they must have everything they need for the call at their finger-tips, in a single screen-pop – not having to spend time, and inconvenience customers while they retrieve back office data from CRM, databases and other legacy systems.
One of Lake’s great strengths is Desktop Integration to automatically retrieve and present such information, thereby empowering agents, avoiding dead time, and helping ensuring first call resolution, and customer satisfaction.

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