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IVR - Self Service Applications

IVR Solutions that adapt to your business
Lake’s Interactive Voice Response solutions – IVR – provide caller self-service functionality to relieve contact centre agents of routine and repetitive tasks that both delay call resolution for the customer and inhibit agent productivity. Typically such tasks include resetting customer passwords and confirming account details, and answering random enquiries and responding to incidents.
Primarily intended for inbound calls, IVR is now increasingly used for repetitive outbound work such as telephone sales, fundraising campaigns, appointment reminders and changed flight schedule notifications.

Improve customer satisfaction levels  
Structured for intuitive response, automated speech self-service gives customers the convenience and satisfaction of quickly finding answers and completing transactions on their own. Again, the benefit is keeping agents free to address the centre’s revenue generating or other business needs.

With standard scripts – and unique scripts that can be built and modified easily – customers are presented with intuitive voice menus that help them achieve their call objectives free from frustration; thereby contributing to customer satisfaction and ongoing brand loyalty.

Free up agent resources
For both inbound and outbound activity and via either speech recognition, DTMF tones, web interaction or multimedia , IVR can be applied to contact centre operations to – improve agent efficiency, free agents to concentrate on tasks that further the organisation’s business objectives, and meet customer demands outside the centre’s normal hours of operation. Examples include:


  • Outstanding order delivery status

  • Travel, accommodation and entertainment bookings

  • Telephone banking and catalogue shopping

  • Ad hoc enquiries about services, products, and timetables

  • Credit card, subscription and other membership-type accounts

  • Pending activities such as for car servicing

  • Follow up satisfaction reporting

  • Sales order confirmation and many more practical applications

IVR helps contact centre managers to contain costs by also automating activities such as following up completed interactions with email, SMS, chat, fax and social media messaging.
Moreover, when IVR is integrated to the Contact Centre infrastructure, call details can be directly popped to agents’ screens to deliver all data relevant to the customer, including caller identity verification.
Drag and drop scripts can be quickly generated and modified by non-programmers to take advantage of windows of business opportunity. Access to extensive libraries of reusable script steps helps minimise the time lapse between modifying a campaign process and popping a new screen to the agent.

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