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Outbound Predictive Diallers

Outbound Diallers available from Lake Corporation range from basic systems suitable for smaller organisations with modest and readily manageable workloads, and scale through solutions capable of supporting well over a thousand agents in centres with intensive operations. Our solutions include:


  • Predictive Dialling – optimising agent productivity and minimising customer-unfriendly waiting time

  • Call Progress Detection – ensuring only answered calls are delivered to agents

  • Progressive and Preview Dialling – for more complex calls

  • Call Recording – normally only available as part of a complete call centre solution

  • Outbound and Inbound Call Blending – when the dialler is integral to the contact centre platform


For all-important compliance, Lake provides Automatic Outbound Call Pacing to ADMA guidelines while still maintaining high levels of agent productivity. For even small agent pools and where ADMA guidelines don’t apply, Lake systems ensure outbound calling best practice.


Lake’s XCalibur® Desktop Scripting ensures consistent quality in call handling and by aligning XCalibur® Voice Analytics with outbound dialling; contact centre managers are given valuable pointers to additional business opportunities and any required agent counselling needs.

Outbound Campaign Management Features as offered by Lake provides functionality to cater for all operational needs. Functions include but are not limited to: 


  • Retry Automation – based on call detected outcomes. For example, if 'Busy', retry a specified number of minutes later; if No Answer, either retry a specified time later or call the next number. Maximum retries can be set at either phone or record level

  • Managed Call Backs – can be scheduled for the same agent or any agent, or for agent pools. Also, for same day or specified future day

  • Time Zone Management – for Australian time zones to support national campaigns and international time zones if calling overseas customers

  • Filtering – to target segments of the call list, or exclude segments based on any data element or any combination of data within the call list

  • Agent Assignment – to have agents working simultaneously on multiple campaigns

  • Campaign Chaining – so that when one campaign ends the next starts automatically

  • Full Suite Historical Reporting – based on campaigns, lists, agents or other

  • Real-Time Reporting – of key outbound statistics and performance indicators 

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