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Lake - CXone DEVone and CIP Partner

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Lake Corporation is delighted to sponsor NICE Interactions Live 2022, the industry’s biggest customer experience event of the year, taking place virtually May 24-25.


Try the CRM CTI Connector FREE for 30 days
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Lake Corporation, a leading Contact Centre Solution provider, established in 1992, has been providing advanced solutions and integrations to many organisations globally.

As a DEVone partner, Lake provides business applications integrated with NICE CXone. One such example is the Agent CRM CTI connector.


Lake's CRM connector for Contact Centre Agent provides native CXone MAX agent integrated with leading CRM's. The benefit of the CTI integration is in automation for account lookup, click to dial and other time saving feature and enhanced agent experience.


Importantly, all of the benefits are available across all communication channels* available on CXone, such as Voice, Chat, Email, DFO, etc. The integration provides memorialization of events for selected CRM's.

Lake's CRM connector provides easy to configure deployment options and post deployment support packages are available via Lake Customer Care.

Contact CRM CONNECTOR TEAM for all inquiries.

MAX Agent with Microsoft Dynamics
MAX Agent with ServiceNow
MAX Agent with Salesforce
MAX Agent with Zendesk
*check compatibility Matrix as some CRM's have limitations
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