XCalibur® Unified Agent Desktop

Servicing customer requests often requires agents to access and update multiple systems.

This complete desktop solution was developed by Lake for companies with multiple data sources, repetitive processes, and the need to combine information from different applications when interfacing with customers.

XCalibur® Desktop presents the agent with intelligent, user friendly screens. It enables agents to quickly move between different sources as though there were one, thereby reducing call times and simplifying agent activity. Providing agents with a Unified User Experience (UUX) via a Unified User Interface (UUI) and therefore improving agent experience (AX).

Importantly, XCalibur® also enforces business rules with Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for consistency. Thus while the agent attends to more transactions per shift, the customer enjoys a consistent and superior contact experience, irrespective of which channel they connect (call, chat, email, SMS, multimedia) with the agent using XCalibur® Unified Desktop.

With XCalibur® Desktop's Call scripting module, XScripts, Agents can be provided simple to follow call scripts to ensure consistency with each customer interaction. XScripts guide the agent to successfully address customer needs or help close business.

By embedding best practices into XScripts, a contact centre should reduce average interaction handling time, increase the rate of first contact resolution and lessen a customer's frustration and enhance customer experience (CX).

XCalibur® Server and XStats provide a granular level of reporting that has previously only been available through the expensive integration and merging of multiple data sources via a data mart or data warehouse.

Lake's desktop, XCalibur® has been fully integrated with Lake's full range of products as well as standards-based databases, mainframe based terminal emulators, leading CRM applications, web applications and a wide range of other API based systems.

XCalibur® Unified Desktop can be configured for vision impaired users therefore enabling organisation towards inclusion of personnel with vision disability in the contact centre.

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