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XCalibur Amazon Connect Dashboard (ACD)

Lake Corporation, a leading Contact Centre Solution provider, established in 1992, has been providing advanced solutions and integrations to many organisations globally.

Lake is an AWS Consulting partner with complex integration capabilities for Amazon Connect users. With its many certified and experienced developers, Lake is in the prime position to enable and enhance Amazon Connect with functions such as XCalibur Unified User Interface, Salesforce Integration, Omni-channel management, real-time and historical dashboard and data for analytics.  

XCalibur ACD provides Amazon Connect (AC) users with a statistic dashboard.


The information can be presented at the agent desktop browser, within the CRM - such as Salesforce - or as a Contact Centre Wallboard.

The statistics are available in real-time and historic for agents, queues and the information can be made available for in depth data analysis.

for technical information and Amazon Connect setup guidelines, please email

Graphical Statistic Example
Graphical Statistic Example

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Historic Statistic Example
Real Time Queue Statistic Example
Queue Statistic Example
Agent Statistic Example
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